June 3rd-6th @ Journey Community Church we are hosting a STEAM Camp with Art, Lego, and Inventions...

June 3rd - 6th @ Journey Community Church we are hosting a community STEAM Camp...


✅ Day 1 - Lego
✅ Day 2 - Art
✅ Day 3 - Dallas Arboretum Visits
✅ Day 4 - Invention

✅ Lunch Every Day

✅ Free T-Shirt!


Everyone will have a great time!


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  • Students going into PreK (at least 4 years old)
  • Students going into 6th Grade next school year
  • Everyone inbetween


Spaces will go fast!


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June 3rd-6th

9 AM - 1 PM


✅ Only $100 For the Week!

✅ $20 Family Discount For Each Sibling

✅ Free Lunch

✅ Snacks

✅ Devotionals

✅ Games

✅ A Visit by the Dallas Arboretum


June 3rd - 6th

9AM - 1PM


9999 Ferguson Rd

Dallas, TX


Weekly Schedule


Day 1: Lego Camp: 9 AM - 1 PM

Kids will engage in a fun day of lego challenges including but not limited to: creative builds, STEM challenges, stop animation video making/editing


Day 2: Art Camp: 9 AM - 1 PM

Kids will engage in creative opportunities including but not limited to: art through movies, art on canvas, paper art


Day 3: Dallas Arboretum: 9 AM - 1 PM

Staff and volunteers from the Dallas Arboretum will visit us at our STEAM Camp


Day 4: Camp Invention: 9 AM - 1 PM

Kids will engage in creative & inventive opportunities including but not limited to: games games and more games involving problem solving, creating things out of “found objects”

General Overview of the Day


  • 9:00am - Parent Drop Off
  • 9:30am - Opening Program (daily devotion/thought/prayer)
  • 10am - Snack & Intro to the activities
  • 10:20am - Activity Stations (according to age/interest)
  • 11:00am - GAME TIME
  • 11:30am - Switch Activity Stations (according to age/interest)
  • 12:10pm - Lunch & Video
  • 12:40pm - Devotional
  • 1:00pm - Parent pick up
Lady in shorts standing in front of a school holding flyers

Camp Director Kelli

Hi, my name is Kelli.


I believe everyone is wonderfully made, and the way that the world is wonderfully made too! This summer we wanted to take 4 days to explore what that means through experiements, inventing, and art.


My hope is that when your student or students come to the STEAM Camp at Journey they'll feel loved, make new friends, and let their imaginations run wild as they explore the world around them. 


We're going to have awesome food, awesome activities, and of course the most important thing......awesome people!


I look forward to meeting you at Camp!



Need Directions?

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