Why was Jesus baptized? Jonathan explains that Jesus humbled himself and put himself in a position to take on the sin of the world in order that we may be freed from the curse of sin. 

With a new year comes reflections of the past and hopes for the future. Take a moment to reflect on what God wants for you. As we focus on the hopes and dreams of the future of Journey, we are praying God guides our path, and yours too.

Who is my neighbor? This interview with World Relief highlights how we can help them resettles refugees in the Dallas area. Resettling as a refugee is a huge change with many difficulties. We want to be able to help in that process.

Love God and Love Neighbor....but who is my neighbor? Is it only people I like? People in my community? People who are similar to me? 

Loving your neighbor is hard. Loving your enemy is even harder, but that's what Jesus tells us to do. If we can, through the power of The Holy Spirit, love our enemies, then we will have riches greater than gold sweeter than honey.