The process of examine postures us to uncover the areas of life where God’s way has been subverted. Before any other allegiance or identity, we are followers of Jesus. Yet we are prone to allow our other associations to blind, imprison, impoverish, and oppress the way of Jesus. Through daily examine, we identify where we are working with God and where we are working against God for the purpose of following Jesus more closely each day.

Scripture Reading

In western church culture, we have learned to consume scripture as we would consume any other good or service. We approach scripture as if its purpose is to validate us and rebuke our “enemies.” Instead of understanding scripture this way, we desire to allow scripture to consume us and seek to validate the truth of God by being formed into the image of Christ for the sake of others. In the same way Jacob wrestled with God in the Old Testament, we want to wrestle with the Word of God today. Not for what we can get out of it but for its ability to shape us.



We value sharing life together. Isolated we are left to our own devices, in community, we are encouraged through sharing life and all of its joy and pain. We gather in groups to encourage one another on towards the mystery of faith. Not attempting to tie everything up with a nice bow but to be supported by others as God beckons us onward.

Rhythm of Life

From the moment we rise, to the moment we lie down, we are on the go. We define our success and value by how full and stretched thin are our schedules. This puts us in direct tension with the transforming work of Christ because God’s work requires attentiveness and time. As a community, we desire to take control of our schedules and create margin to be present to what is right in front of us.