In our culture, to attend church typically consists of consuming what is being offered from the front of the room. At Journey, we are invited to participate in each element of our gatherings through a practice called Liturgy, which means, “The Work of the People”. 

Our weekly gathering happens Sundays at 10:30a, @ 3424 Manchester Dr., Mesquite TX 75150


What to Expect at Each Gathering

Singing together; regardless of if you know the words, feel free to join in by singing or meditate on the significance of the words. The words will be displayed on the screen.

Praying together; we value prayer and understand it as a time for us to center ourselves as a community. As needed we pray specifically for those who celebrate and those who grieve. Our prayers call us to action that we are unable to take on our own. 

Scripture; we seek to understand the scriptures to help us identify were Jesus is at work and how we join in his mission. We devote about 30 minutes to talk about the scriptures and how they bring faith and life together.

The table; we practice communion every time we gather as a reminder that the Good News is that Jesus Christ is Lord! Each time we receive the elements of bread and wine*, we do so proclaiming this Good News and inviting Jesus to reveal how this changes who we are. A covenant only has value to the depth at which it is fulfilled. One doesn't know the significance of a covenant until it has been shown. If the sacraments are a means of grace they give us a glimpse of how deep is God’s covenant. It is a glimpse of God fulfilling Gods covenant not us fulfilling ours. Feasting weekly at the table is a reoccurring reminder that we freely receive God’s love and desire to be free from patterns that try and prove our worth.  

Benediction; when we conclude our gathering we understand that we are sent from this building to be the body of Christ in the world. We depart from this community into our respective communities in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

*The Church of the Nazarene has long history of walking along side those with addictions. We use non-alcoholic wine and have individually packaged gluten-free wafers and juice cups to assist those with addictions and special dietary needs.  

Journey Kids

Children our an important part of our community. Here are a few ways for children to connect. 

Children 0-4 years Nursery available from 9:30a-11:45a. Feel free to check in and out at any time. 

Children 5-11 years Weekly gatherings for little ones are anchored by snacks, prayer and scripture to learn what it looks like to love God and in turn, their little neighbors. Sunday mornings during the gathering, kids are released after prayer. Parents who wish that their kids receive communion with them will be dismissed before the table is open to retrieve their kids. 


Teenagers are full participants in our weekend gatherings and the life of our community. We recognize that middle and high school teenagers are in a constant process of conflict and resolution. This reoccurring process is why teens are rebellious, adventurous, and curious. This is also the source of deep and sincere compassion, generosity, and untainted ambition. We desire to walk along side teenagers as they journey through adolescence. To do this well, we value one-on-one mentoring, yearly retreats, and of course, fun socials throughout the year. 


God is generous, therefore the people of God should strive to embody generosity. Being generous isn’t a membership fee nor do we give out of obligation. We practice generosity as a discipline that enables us to fund our mission and take control of our financial lives. Our community also desires to practice generosity, so if you have a need for which we might be able to help, please let us know.


Parking on site is limited. When parking in the street throughout the neighborhood, please be respectful of our neighbors.